Our approach

Samson MediaWorks creates visual solutions for concert touring, corporate, and special events. The company offers creative designs and full technical support to put together cutting-edge solutions for some of the most innovative and aesthetically daring shows in the world.

Immersive Projections

We are at the forefront of immersive projections. The extremes of our projections vary from illuminating the sails of the Sydney Opera House and beams of the Eiffel Tower, to changing the look of scale model cars and making the spiked heel of a designer shoe transform in colors and patterns.

Design Foretell

We begin by listening to your goals and ideas. Then we give our imagination free rein to develop an innovative guiding concept. We illustrate the overall design with detailed sketches.


Onsite, we spend hundreds of hours installing thousands of components that make each project unique. We handpick the expert leader of each team—lighting, sound, carpentry, and welding—and we inspire and guide these professionals every step of the way. The result is a space in which all the details come together to create a harmonious whole.

Orchestrating Details

After our team members have completed their work, we take a critical look at the entire project. During this final walk-through, we make subtle adjustments in keeping with our client’s expectations. By taking the time to fine-tune every aspect, we ensure a seamless project launch.

Vibiana CWD 2017

Our design transformed the intricate altar of the original 1876 Vibiana building in Downtown Los Angeles into rich worldly environments for the California Wedding Day 2017 party.

Atif Aslam and Sonu Nigam

The roar of 15,000 people surrounding a massive illuminated stage offers its own form of thrill and excitement. Two of the biggest singers in Bollywood performing center stage with a visual setup to complement the vocals radiating into the crowd.

Shreya Ghoshal

Our production was designed and fabricated to cater to one of the biggest singers in the South Asian film industry. Comprising of a 50ft screen spanning the entirety of the stage, we paid close attention to the detail of the visuals projected investing significant time and efforts making sure they pertain to the artist’s performance.

From within the garden

The client desired far more than heavy floral design work or fancy centerpieces. This family wanted to leave an impact, a design which was both immersive and did not take away from the main purpose of the occasion all together. With plenty of space to work with the idea of putting up a 100 ft. screen behind the center stage was plausible. Creating visuals was to be done from scratch. The Japanese garden was shot with two RED Epic cameras during the spring season. The setup took 36 hours to complete. Overall turnout of the event was breathtaking, leaving behind a memorable mark for everyone that night. 

A night in Versailles

Having a destination wedding in Paris isn’t exactly budget friendly if you have a guest count of close to 1200 people. So we decided, why not bring Paris right here. The plan was to virtually replicate the Hall of Mirrors from the Palace of Versailles. But a trip to France was mandatory to scout the location and gather the necessary data to animate accurately an exact render of this historic landmark to fit across a massive screen.
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